March 27

March 27

The one way sign can point in any direction.
At day’s end I find myself looking to the east

down my street to the city’s end and mountains
above the shadowed valley flaring up

like the texture of your hand’s palm
seen under a microscope for the first time.

From here you can see the ridges but not the lines
that determine health, love, children, fortune,

retreat, duration. Only at a distance
does a line put up a compelling argument.

Tonight a spring flurry is coming and though
nothing will accumulate there is more

than one way to measure the countless departures.
The one way sign can point in any direction.

6 thoughts on “March 27

  1. Sunshine Jansen

    Thought of you instantly when I read the news. Tranströmer is gone, but you have such splendid memories to carry with you, and best of all, the propulsive spirit of his art.

  2. lillian

    ah…..”the one way sign can point in any direction”
    Says a lot about the choices we make in life. Love this idea.
    So, even though it’s snowing in Boston this morning, again, I choose to look in the direction of crocus and daffodils — they’re under there, just waiting to pop up! 🙂

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      Yes, the crocuses are the most impatient of spring flowers. If they could pick up shovels and move the snow away they would. Though they’d probably prefer to have no arms but voices and yell at passers-by to shovel the snow for them.


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