Tonight, with Nothing

Tonight, with Nothing


Tonight, with nothing to say, with all the absent things
crowding around me like a teapot with a parade

of friendly continental guards and crows encircles
tea from China, with all present concerns poured

into an empty cup and spilled for good luck
before drinking, with a mild wind from the south

whispering threats in another language to the last
of the hard-packed plowed snow on the streets,

I remind myself of nothing, and the long envelopment,
and the cup filling with jasmine and spring, and earth.

6 thoughts on “Tonight, with Nothing

  1. Ron

    Jeff, I’m sorry, but with me still chaffing about my 5-haiku sextet, can’t you have the common decency to write a real clunker for a change? HAHAHAHA (jk)

  2. camillae

    Understated, calm, with a hint of unsettlement… you very much capture the disparity between the silence inside and the noise outside. Lovely.


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