3 thoughts on “#fullmoonsocial // Icicle and Full Moon

  1. Ron

    Jeff, I seldom know what to say after reading something so (insert the superlative of your choice) but the feelings bubbled to the surface by this immaculate conception are akin to those wordless shivers of delight I felt when I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time. My wife says I blurted out something unprintable, rhyming with “Styptic Pencil!” but she doesn’t always tell the truth.
    AnyHOO, superb haiku, my friend!


    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      Well thanks Ron–as the old saying goes, you have probably forgotten more about the form than I have ever known, and still know more than me, so that is a great compliment. I give all credit to the moon, though–as I was preparing to call it a night, and call one of my cats in from the subzero evening, I saw that the moon had finally cleared the clouds, and I had to go out and take a picture of it.

      The icicle
      inserted itself into
      the frame and that was that.

      I had to go write something about it.

  2. 5h2o


    Sorry I missed the social –it was one of those 14 hour days. Hope it works out next time. Thanks for wrangling th cats!!


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