Narcissa’s Daughter

Moonlight mythmaking from Quirk n Jive…

Quirk N Jive

Mother Narcissa-

she hated the moon.

“Conceal yourself.

She will be gone soon.


A child such as you,

Moon cannot abide.

You are not her kind.

Now, go run and hide. 


You are not of her

celestial court.

You are base and dark.

You’re an earthbound sort.


Stay in the shadows

away from her light.

Remain with me here

in the dark of night.


Narcissa’s daughter

did not wish to stay.

In the late, late hour

she ran far away

but was caught by Moon’s

bright, glorious rays.

And trapped in that light

the girl revealed

all that her mother

wanted concealed.


Look,” Moon instructed.

Look into my orb.

See the reflection

of the girl I adore.”


And so the girl saw

what her mother knew-

a heavenly child

now whole and renewed.

A similar face.

A different heart.

Mother Narcissa-

only a small part

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