HAIKU SEXTET– 03042015 — fullmoonsocial

From one of my favorite haiku scribes…happy #fullmoonsocial Ron!

Haiku Odyssey


so now this last

full moon beckons — less brightly —

yellow as my fear

Full Moon rising —

the old man’s fading acne scars

of distant springs

Oh…to splash away

my years in the CrystalSprings

of Cabeus¹

so gently ripple

those ancient lava waves —

the Sea of Tranquility

above the rain sleet

snow and craziness below —

the moon’s constant orb


1.  Little known except by scientists – There is liquid water on the Moon and in abundance! See any number of online refs for “liquid water on the moon” and “Cabeus.” The idea that those waters might restore one’s health or youth is the writer’s conjecture and overworked imagination.)    Cabeus is a one-mile deep crater near the Moon’s south pole. It is partially-filled with water-ice but was filled much more deeply until NASA came up with a bright idea! See “Cabeus” for the…

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