Humble Poem #1 [Garden Drive]

Humble Poem #1 [Garden Drive]


I’m grateful for this quiet night, and sleep
and waking from a dream of my children

in my childhood home they’ve never seen,
staying up late singing “Dance, Dance, Dance”

with their uncle my brother around the living room

5 thoughts on “Humble Poem #1 [Garden Drive]

  1. Ron

    Very quiet…reflective. I am calmed by reading it. Almost it makes me forget the bad news I expect soon……………….


      1. Ron

        Thank you, Jeff. I’ve been dodging bullets for many years, but now it seems my shield has disappeared. Sorry for the downer.

        I’m thrilled that the conference was a time of refreshing for you…sort of like a good old Southern Baptist Revival Meeting! *thin smile*


      2. Jeff Schwaner Post author

        NOW you’re scarin me. With the revival meeting metaphor, I mean. With whatever the Other Thing is, you know my thoughts are with you, and against It.

      3. Ron

        Thank you for your concern and compassion. (Congestive heart failure at the worst…will know soon. No biggie!)



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