Readings: Bridgewater Fest Poet Ras Takura

Over the next week I’ll be posting information on the poets who will be reading from their work at the Bridgewater International Poetry Festival, Jan 15th-18th. 

Ras Takura will be reading his poetry on  Thursday, January 15th, at 3:30pm.


RasTakura, was nominated for the International Reggae and World Music (IRAWMA) award in 2011 – Dub Poet of The Year. Founder of the Royal African Soldiers Movement

As the tides change in the Reggae landscape that maintain the Rootical vibration from the days of the founding fathers to the Today era of the Reggae Revival, Dub Poetry as always been playing a great rule in the brand of Jamaican Reggae .

RasTakura is one such Poet who carry on in the tradition of people like Oku Onora, Linton Kwesi Jonson and Mutabaruka who is like a Mentor and a Father Figure and has been featured on the ‘Food War’ album in the track titled ‘The Science of Agriculture’

He has performed on some of Jamaica’s major shows including Reggae Sumfest, St. Mary Mi Come From, Capleton & Frenz, Fiwi Sinting, Rebel Salute , Heineken Startime, plus numerous appearances in schools, Colleges and Universities across the Island. He has also Toured and performed across the Caribbean. He is the founder of the annual Dis Poem Wordz & Agro Festival, an all day Poetry festival and expo of Agricultural Products, which was started on the campus of the College of Agriculture Science and Education in Portland Jamaica in 2011.
His work covers not only modern issues but critical ones that need to be brought to the forefront. He performed on Word Sound Power that was featured on BETJ. He classified Himself as a Jamaican Reggae Dub Poet, recording and performing artist, Farmer, Painter, conscious Rastaman.

RasTakura gains his inspiration from H.I.M. Haile Selassie I, Marcus Garvey, Mutabaruka, Andrea Williams-Green and Capleton Peter Tosh, Bob Marley. His agricultural and environmental roots were deepened at the Knockalva Agricultural School, and the College of Agriculture, Science & Education (CASE).

In 2003 Takura was featured on the Multicast Poetz CD – a compilation album produced by Mackonen Blake Hannah & Eric Dixon.

He has been featured on IRIE FM’s programs – Running African, the Entertainment Buzz and Elise Kelly’s Easy Skanking show. plus numerous international interviews, He has been featured on T.V.J, CVM TV, as well as in several local print media such as : The Star, The Gleaner and The Observer Newspapers.

He is “A Potent, Afrocentric Political Poet with a cause” – Rooted with two underground compilation CD’s, Run-Away-Slaves & Dragon Slayers, and a DVD, produced by C.P.T.C. RAS Poetz.

RasTakura was born in the beautiful parish of St. Ann, in a small community neighboring Nine Miles, the home of Reggae Legend Bob Marley. He spent his earlier years growing up on a farm with his Grandparents then later lived with his single mother in a neighboring District. He recognized his talent while attending Bensonton All Age School where he gladly used the opportunities given to perform on every school and community concert as a Dancehall Deejay. Now Dub Poet RasTakura

Look forward to the voice of the future, living in the present. Look forward to the ‘Food War’ album. Look for RasTakura.

For booking information please call 1-876-573-1851 or email

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