Poem 1

Note: My 11 year old daughter Sophia wrote this poem earlier this evening.

Poem 1

Swooping down the sky
reaching what grasp cannot
through chiseled spaces
of interlocking earths
Gone to the time’s end
old darkest wrinkles
Voracious sounds of sight
always forward looking

What is never is now appearing
foretold futures swaying
on lines of pure balance.
Grains of gold including the factor

deepening eyes of she did swell up.
Raining waterfalls that did
forever secrets handling.



14 thoughts on “Poem 1

  1. pi314chron

    Are you serious??!!! Not for me to tell YOU how much promise is there in that one small girl! Hug her for me and tell her an old poet you know says she is just fabulous!


  2. Sunshine Jansen

    BOTH my present self and my 11 year old time-traveling poet self bow deeply to Sophia’s masterful wordsmithing! 🙂

  3. Holistic Wayfarer

    Oh my.

    “Grains of gold…” She handles her words like a chef in her kitchen. It’s HER kitchen. Goodness, my boy is nowhere near writing like that in 3.5 yrs LOL. The voice is a bit resonant of yours, Jeff. But she is sure in her sounds, rhythm, and imagery.

    Thank you for the support this year. I am thankful to have connected.
    Happy holidays.



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