Framework [#FullMoonSocial2014]



You sleep beneath a quilt of moonlight.
As I cut off the lamp across the room

and walk into darkness the heavenly
body brightens. There is just enough

room for me, pushing aside a dog
or two, to press against you, fall in

to the rhythm of your breathing,
our dreams mountains on the moon


5 thoughts on “Framework [#FullMoonSocial2014]

  1. St Brigid Press

    I’ll post this on Twitter, too, but here’s my #fullmoonsocial2014 contribution this eve, which struck me ‘tween the eyes on the way home from our open mic tonight, watching the unbelievable moon rising over the Blue Ridge, lighting my way home and conjuring connection with so many across so many miles and centuries:
    [a haiku, of course] ~

    kittens hunkered ’round
    the darkened rim, we sit
    lapping that milk-white light


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