GOAT in San Francisco

GOAT in San Francisco

Last photographed somewhere on the coast of the Aegean sea, the mangy beast continues to see far more of the world than I ever will.

Here he visits the famous City Lights Bookstore and Ghirardelli Chocolates. I am sure the hilly nature of that city works for him. Not to mention the chocolates.


GOATatCityLightsGOATatGhirardelliHave you got my GOAT yet? If so feel free to send a photo of my pal so I know what he’s up to. Or to reprimand me for worst marketing tag ever for a book of poetry. Either will do.

photos courtesy of Maureen Bayless

6 thoughts on “GOAT in San Francisco

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      Clearly, my end goal is to get some kind of national grant to follow my own book around and take photos of myself in the same places GOAT was seen…Aegean, Napa Valley, SanFran, Vancouver…not a bad start!

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      NOW I’m feelin’ like a marketing genius! Thanks. I cannot wait to see my buddy at Fenway! I spent some time there in ’89 in the (then) cheap game-day bleacher seats behind the bullpen. Yes, even as a Yankees fan I’d bow when the Chief made his long trek out from the dugout to the pen mid-game…


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