14 thoughts on “Tonight

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      The day is always better if I know you liked a poem of mine, L. I’ve been checking out Kenneth Rexroth’s own work, found his Complete Poems at a local library. The introduction quotes Rexroth writing about “that door which is straight, and smaller than a needle’s eye, but through which the universalization of the human soul, the creation of the true person, comes freely, as a guest.” In light of KR’s love of the ancient Chinese poets, I think that was partly what he was aiming for with his own poetry, and when I get positive feedback from you, who know these things so well, I feel like I’m in the vicinity of that small door myself. Thanks!

  1. quirknjive

    Lovely. The crickets’ song indicates the end of summer and the welcoming of the fall…such a strange, unsettling, yet beautiful time of year-a time when we feel both off balance and energized. I love that in your poem the stabilizing force is yourself, even if only for the night.

  2. pi314chron

    Jeff, I don’t comment often since I write mostly haiku, but I DO comment when I read such an exceptional poem! Bravo!!


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