The abandoned asylum. The shell of a house next door
like the edge of some stranger’s attention span

you’re drawn to it because they’re gone, they gave up
without knowing that even in their judgment

even when they have turned their back things are
growing green spreading out in abandonment


building their own context indifferent to circumstance
with regard only for their new shape just as

I am spreading roots in the airy spaces between your words
to build for you a new and pleasing shape

Others may not notice it but it will last
that may be why it will last just


as words are an abandoned structure
as soon as they are uttered they are left vacant

Who will come fill them in live in them will you
be with me in all this space left by others

Can we make a home with quiet abandon
past the edge of even our own attention

Past the edge of what we think we want

8 thoughts on “Abandonment

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      Thanks Michele! I am a huge admirer of your haiku–some of it is ninja-sharp, some of it sleep-soft. Great stuff, and really glad you liked this one.


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