Poem To Be Read But Once

Poem To Be Read But Once


As soon as I have finished reading this poem
to you, you will begin forgetting it.

I have written it many times
but it can be read only once.

You are thinking if you read it
and I read it then that is more

Than once only but those
are different poems. This one

Is for you alone. Take a moment
to enjoy being in the middle of it.

I will even skip a line for you to take it all in:

And when you have read it the words
will fall away almost

immediately though the poem never
will nor old love and what travels with it

the line you’ll never forget
after all will be the one I skipped for you

2 thoughts on “Poem To Be Read But Once

  1. Twig

    What a perfectly imaginative way to instill the opposite, as I am hard-pressed to think I will be able to actually now forget reading this.poem. Thanks.


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