Early Summer, Cape Cod

Early Summer, Cape Cod

To the world we go, extinguishing and compelled.
Early summer evening. Through a knot of fireflies

A few stars showing. To the world
an evening of fireflies and an epoch of stars

are the same, just what I see, no difference.
I will remember this firefly and this evening

as they travel at light’s speed into a past
beyond existence at the same speed a star’s memory

travels into the future to meet this evening,
this view. To the world depth starts to go

its own way towards deterioration and someone
determines it’s time to start counting the stars.

2 thoughts on “Early Summer, Cape Cod

  1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

    Thanks Ann! I’ve been in your neck of the woods this past week, bringing the family up to see the old stomping grounds of Dennis, Scargo Lake and Scargo Tower, Cold Storage / Sea
    Street beaches, Hokum Rock, all that local 6A stuff. Today we stumbled upon a Nobscussett burial ground I had never seen before, just on the other side of Scargo Lake. Amazingly, I did not take any photos, but will get to describing it with words in the next few days.


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