Another Full Moon Night, Under Clouds


Another Full Moon Night, Under Clouds


Weightless, local, essence of form but in no form
that keeps, these clouds block my view of the one

thing we can both look at tonight and know we share
the same world. It is not enough to know it’s there—

I must know that I see what you see. But if clouds,
empty of all illusion of form or permanence,

absorb their share of the moon’s glancing light
then maybe this love, shorn of time and setting

and shape, is equally bright and worthy
whether we see the moon or not

11 thoughts on “Another Full Moon Night, Under Clouds

  1. Muddletation

    Beautiful words and sentiments. I read it three times. You know it’s love when you read it three times!

  2. monochromejunkie

    Some people say nasty things about power lines in photos, but you know- sometimes they bring a sense of man vs. nature/industrial POV to the scene. Lovely writing, and lovely image. :0)


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