[Readings] National Poetry Month Reading 4/17


I will be one of four area poets reading in Staunton Thursday April 17th at 7pm at The Space, a newly renovated performing arts center in the heart of this great little city’s historic main street. Not sure what I’m reading yet. Any requests / suggestions?

2 thoughts on “[Readings] National Poetry Month Reading 4/17

  1. zdunno03

    Read some of your own translations from the Chinese and then some from your wonderful series of conversations with Mei Tao Ch’en. But you can’t go wrong with anything you read, Jeff. I only wish I could be thee to hear you.

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      Thanks Leonard. Should the Turkish Literary Establishment every require my services I would be happy to go read there, too!

      Definitely would like to do a few of the Mei poems. I tried out a few of those at the local writers group’s open mic meeting last week, and I think they were received well.

      Since there’s a lunar eclipse earlier in the week, and I seem to have written a number of “moon” poems recently, thought I might look at some of those, too.


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