Outside In

Outside In


The garden is in the recluse, not the other way around.
You rivers and mountains pale against the heights and gorges

She must climb. I am the hand in her mind where thought gets tough.
I am the step suddenly appearing. In the calm harvest fields I know

I have often been missing, off on the mountain’s other side.
But in the slow running river my boat is not far away,

she’ll call a breeze to fetch me faster than words paddle. Here in her
garden, I’ll meet the better me, nodding as I pass on my way to her.

4 thoughts on “Outside In

  1. nandalya

    Though English is still a (very) foreign language to me, i perfectly understand your poetry. It touches me, it makes me smile and nod. Let me send a big thank you for all the wonderful poems you shared.

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      This is very gratifying to read your note, nandalya. You are truly making your own “translation from the English” when you read these poems, and I’m happy you enjoy the work!


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