Goat watches TV incognito.
The President is talking
about him. Johnny Carson
is talking about him.
Psychics everywhere contact
Elvis and ask about him.

Where is Goat? Why did
he do this? Where are
his manners? Everyone
expected something big & final.

from GOAT lies down on Broadway. For more info see here.

3 thoughts on “EXPECTING MORE [23]

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      True! The world of late night TV is radically different now than it was thirty years ago. Back then you had Carson’s “Tonight Show” and after that “Late Night with David Letterman” and that was about it. The two shows did not even compete with one another for time. I do think that psychics still contact Elvis on a regular basis, though. I mean, that’s what he tells me, anyway…

      On a more contemporary note, I appreciate your own regular posts from the Red Barn and your perspective. And while I am not much of a scarf-wearer I’ll take one over a tie anyday. Especially any cold day, when there’s snow to shovel.


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