Cyber Monday for Poetry? Uh, sure!

Hm, how does one do Cyber Monday if one is a poet with a website? How about we make it a Cyber Poet Week and offer…

Custom Haiku FREE with Purchase of Haiku Coaster Set

That’s right, literary holiday shopper! Buy a set of letterpress-printed haiku drink coasters and I will compose a haiku including any three words of your choice to pack along with your coasters. This is a neat and unique gift for anyone who loves poetry and coffee or tea or alcoholic beverages (errr, maybe even fine for someone who just plain likes alcoholic beverages, ya never know) and can make a great conversation piece at your next book club soiree!

The coaster set is beautifully designed and printed at St Brigid Press just on the other side of yonder Afton Mountain here in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. It consists of eight linked haiku entitled “Night Walk on Cape Cod.”  You can see images of each coaster on the site. Look, here’s a  sample right here:


To buy, just click the coaster picture in the top right corner of the front page, or go to the Books page.

To claim your custom haiku, send a copy of your receipt to me at along with the three words you want included in the poem, and I’ll get right to work on your haiku.

This is a limited edition set–I’ve only got about ten of these left, so think up your words and think them up quick, to misquote Dr. Seuss. And no matter what purchasing decisions you make this Cyber Monday and beyond, have a safe and joyous holiday!

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