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Conversations (X) — to the houses

Conversations (X) — to the houses

When we are asleep, after talk and touch,
And the music of your voice, even in my mind,

Has drifted into the blanketing silence
And there is nothing left but the breathing

Of our separate souls, then the houses
Begin to sing. Across the ways out

And the ways home that only houses know
They sing, houses who’ve never seen

The other’s siding or heard rain pelt
The other’s roof, but have shared

The job of sheltering us. Their song
Builds a new house for us we will never move

Out of, a bed always comfortably unmade,
A dog growing old sleeping in the corner,

A piano by the screen door, waiting.

Conversations (IX) — to duende (via Lorca)

Conversations (IX) — to duende (via Lorca)

The bed of the earth extends to the ends
Of sheet-swept seas.The reasonings

Of mountains the resting place
For flocks of wishes in the empty trees,

The hollowness of hope their strength
To rise for nights of countless flight.

A rolling vessel rested in a calm, went on
Along the pale compass of your wrist.

It was never lie or lay.
There was never one direction.

Conversations (VIII) — to one haunted by a ghost


Conversations (VIII) — to one haunted by a ghost

The key worked. The locked door opens.
I cannot see the word that troubles you.

Empty bottles line the windows. Looking
Out you are still looking in and the inward

Look is contained and darkens as

Sometimes when a word mispronounced
Shakes its muzzle loose unleashes itself

From its owners’ meaning and ends
Up meaning more as in what I am

Thinking of you away from this ghost

Call for poets: Bridgewater Int’l Poetry Festival, and LEAF beta

The Bridgewater International Poetry Festival, which runs from January 12-15, 2017 at Bridgewater College here in Virginia,  still has a few slots left for poets who’d like to present their work to other poets and lovers of poetry.

I attended the second BIPF in 2015 (it is held every other year) and it was a rousing long weekend of poets of all styles, types, ages, backgrounds, and publishing resumes. A few small press and university presses were there, as was my print-collaborator of choice, St Brigid Press.

It was a very invigorating way to meet nearly a hundred poets from across the country and around the world. Poets were paired together to share a 45-minute slot, and such readings went on in two separate locations, one in the main hall and another in a smaller more coffee-house style setting in the same building.

Check out the link below if you’re interested!  I will also be debuting the beta version of a service I call LEAF, where poets will be able to offer single poems to attendees. Many of the BIPF poets don’t have books to sell, and in many cases in 2015 I found myself wanting a poem that was not in one of the poet’s books. It was frustrating when I was ready to plunk down some money on poetry but not get the poem I wanted. So BIPF will be the host of the first test of just such a system, exclusive to the festival’s attendees, to be able to purchase single poems from poets participating in the LEAF beta. More on this in a later post. For now, check out the link, grab 5 of your best poems and send them with a short bio to

There is a small registration fee ($25) you pay from the link below, and more info on the festival can also be found at the site.