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Primitive Resonance

Primitive Resonance

I don’t want to believe it, either—
so I won’t, until the image clears.

Then there is only what there is
and I won’t have to believe anything

I can’t see, or in anything I can’t see.
Maybe belief is only what we practice

while waiting. I only know I’d kill anything
and hold it up to the sun to see you safe.

To the one missing her father inexplicably on a warm day after an ice storm

To the one missing her father inexplicably on a warm day after an ice storm

Mid-morning snow after a night of sleet.
Ice is melting off the roofs, descending

faster than flakes can fall, but they go
only their own speed, unconcerned

with making up the distance

Through a window, December night after rain

Through a window, December night after rain

Negative space of roof and branches
are defined by the rising moon, crow-sized

negative image of the crow’s solid eye. Just the other
day, a young pileated woodpecker stood

right where the moon is tonight, as bright,
exactly as big, cartoonish, sounding like a monkey

afraid of the moon in the leafless branches

December Rain

December Rain


At every room in the house the sound of rain is tapping.
Like the echo of us trying to tap on the wall

to see if what is on the other side is listening.
How what’s outside us is there, there.

How it doesn’t want in. With an open window
it is still content with leaves on the ground.